Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Week's Adventures

I promise you I haven't been sitting idly over the last week of un-blogging!  Promise! ;)

My sister left on Monday and (of course!) we had to get mani/pedis before she left.  Thanks to my mom for our belated Mother's Day treat. :)  Isn't our mother good to us?  We enjoyed the relaxation and chatted the whole time.  If only she lived closer...

My parents left Thursday morning, but in the meantime, we had lots a'happening.  Baby G came down with a low grade fever Monday that slowly began rising.  By Thursday it was 105.1 (rectal) and that was enough to scare me into the doc.  She was Strep positive and had an ear infection, but by Saturday also developed an unusual rash all over her body.  Poor thing.  She must have come down with one of the following: 1) a reaction to the meds (unlikely because the rash didn't look like hives), 2) a reaction to her chicken pox vaccine given 10+ days prior, 3) scarlet fever (thanks to strep), 4) another virus on top of the strep, or 5) additional dairy allergies surfacing 2 weeks from when we started cow's milk.  Ugh!  Thankfully by yesterday, the antibiotic seemed to be doing the trick and the rash was starting to abate.  She is now eating better and I've taken her off cow's milk just to be on the safe side.  Almond milk with chocolate almond milk mixed it is a tasty treat for a 1yo and she's adapting well.  

Backing up again, on Wednesday, we had J's preschool "graduation" even though he's returning next year for pre-k.  My parents were able to stay for it, which was so nice of them, and GG was able to come from work (also so amazing thanks to his "new" job!)  J felt loved. ;)
Our quasi-graduate, who will be back for pre-k next year! ;)
J and his sweet teacher, Mrs. B.  He had a fun year and we're very excited for him to do the same pre-k program T did two years ago!
Later that night, GG and I were able to head out to a brewery event for work.  My parents covered the home front and we were able to get together with some old friends and even go out for a coffee afterward.  Thanks, Mom and Dad, for all of your help!

They were also immensely helpful as swim team started last week and M will be on the team!  Practices ran all week at 4:30pm, yet I still have some tutoring students in the works.  Having my parents around was a saving grace and M wouldn't have been able to attend without them!!  T did not make the team (he couldn't complete a length of the pool, so we were kind of expecting this), but the good news is that he'll be on the pre-team and after two weeks of lessons, can try to make the team again.  Here's to hoping I can have both boys at the same practice time... :)

Back to Thursday (see how my life is dizzying?), we had J's family fun day at preschool, which was a fun event for him and his friends.  Baby G was sick, so she stayed with me and hung out in the stroller, but MG went with Mimi to her music class.  I've been meaning to write about it for a little while--the class was a gift from us for baby G for her birthday.  We decided to have both girls attend because MG loved her first music class experience so much...  Alas, baby G had to miss, but thanks to our ever-helpful Mimi, MG had a great time and they met us later at family fun day.  Whew!  

Friday was more of a "catch-our-breath" day.  Baby G was sick and pretty needy, so I mostly held my sweet girl and she napped a good bit too.

Saturday was our first "normal" Saturday in a long, long while.  No soccer, no obligations. So what did we do?  Go to Jamestown and Busch Gardens, of course!  Jamestown has been a stop on our to-see list and we had a great time.  The kids were initially reluctant, but seemed to enjoy the sights and learning about the history of the area.  I would have loved to have learned more through one of the educational videos, but alas, little ladies in a quiet, dark theater do not keep quiet.  ;)  The boys thankfully taught me a little afterward...  Here are some of the pics from our time.
MG doing her domestic duties, crushing corn meal
All the kids tried it--teaching my boys early that all tasks are to be shared! :)
Cozy T

Serious soldier, assuming the part lol
Afterward, we "swung by" Busch Gardens for an hour and a half jaunt.  Both GG and I were so pleased that we were able to make this visit so spontaneously and without much pain and effort!  These are big things for our family of 7! ;)  I have pics from that visit on our smaller camera, so I'll post those later.  Both big boys can now boast having ridden the Loch Ness roller coaster (a loop-de-loop type).  This is big, big news, especially for our M, who is always hesitant to ride but seems to be turning a corner on some of his fears.  We were so glad he seemed to enjoy himself and didn't re-visit his lunch. ;)

Have a brilliant day!  God bless!

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