Wednesday, June 18, 2014

We Love Summer

Frozen yogurt for lunch for the best-behaved, helping kiddos while mom set up for VBS! Day #3 and I still like 'em. Check with me on Day #25... ;)

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

A Saturday In the Life

At 4pm this past Saturday, I laid my tired body down and slept for two glorious hours. I had the start of a migraine and was totally beat. What was the cause of my demise? Let me describe the 8 hours prior…

Saturday, May 31 A Day in the Life of the G's
8:00am  Feed children, tend to the kitchen, tidy the house; begin to prep for piano recital outfits
8:30am  Prep and bake pigs 'n blanket for J's after-soccer party; cool; package in a tray and try not to forget
9:00am  Frantically get GG out of bed (lucky sleeping-in husband--remember my nap later? all was equal) We have to get the kids ready!

9:30am  Pack cars while GG gets M and J into soccer uniforms: GG's car needs M's piano recital finest (coat, tie, ironed khakis, socks, nice shoes), piano music (because they'll arrive at the recital first), napkins for M's after-soccer party, change of clothes for J, M and J's soccer balls, M and J's waters; My car needs T's recital gear, T's taekwondo outfit, sparring gear, snacks and drinks for the girls, soccer chairs, water for T, and J's soccer pigs that I can't forget

10:00am  Send GG, M and J out the door for J's game; dress little girls; get everyone in my car and make sure they're all wearing shoes.
10:05am  Stop at Walgreens to buy drinks for M's soccer team after-party
10:15am  Arrive at J's game; place drinks on GG's windshield so he won't forget them (he's currently coaching J's team); finagle girls and T and chairs to the field to "watch" (aka, chase little girls around the field while catching glimpses of J playing)
11:15am  load up the car and head to a picnic pavilion for J's after-soccer party where we eat the pigs and treats and the little boys receive trophies
11:45am  load up car with T and girls and head to taekwondo tournament; T dresses in the car; GG, M, and J head to M's game (T missed it due to the tournament)--we will meet up at the piano recital later
12pm  shlep T and girls and gear at least 1/4 mile into a crowded gymnasium; climb the bleachers to the tippy top and set up camp; proceed to wait… trips to the potty for little girls included. We find Papa in the meantime!
*Meanwhile, M's soccer team does great and wins 9-2; M has 3 goals!!! We are cheerful as we receive the news via text. Still waiting…
1:30pm  T finally gets to show his form and spar; he wins the first round, the second, and the third! T is the champ!!

2pm  T gets to stand on the podium and receive his medal while I am sweating the fact that the recital just started; we dash off and shlep back to the car; Papa is kind and takes the 2 girls home for naps--THANK YOU, PAPA!!
2:30pm T and I arrive at his piano recital; he changes in the car; we walk in with only 2 performers to go before he and M are up--whew!!
2:45pm  M and T each play and do great--we are done and mama is feeling the headache come on…
3pm  We celebrate at a post-recital reception and head on our way.
3:30pm  I make it home, unload the car, crawl up the stairs…

This is surely no different, better, uglier than many of your worst Saturdays, but for journaling sake, I wanted to record it here. We did this and survived. Can I mention that this Saturday has nothing on the schedule? Nothing. I can't wait. ;)

Keep shining,
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