Monday, January 31, 2011

Back and Settling

Good Monday morning, dear friends.

We are all home and well and enjoying a quiet morning together. The boys had a great weekend and so did GG and I. The engaged couples seemed to have a wonderful time and grew in their relationships. We met some real gems and Virginia Beach couldn't have been a better backdrop to the weekend. It was *beautiful*--we were oceanfront the entire time!

Most importantly, GG and I were able to bask in the glow of their engaged love and even feel a little of it for ourselves, now almost 9 years in. How GOOD it was for us to get away and rediscover some of the past that has gotten us and our marriage to this point. We talk about it throughout our talks and it was a great reminder of our love over 10+ years. Excellent, excellent.

God is good, all the time.
All the time, God is good.

Shine your love,

Friday, January 28, 2011

Well, Well, Well

I'm happy to report all pistons are firing on this tip top Friday morning in G-ville, thanks be to God!

As the mom of this household, I am feeling rather accomplished this morning. "Why?" you ask.
Here's our Friday list:
1) We beat this bug:
As the day wore on Wednesday with no change in T's fever and continued stomach discomfort, it began to sound like a frog had taken residence in his throat. One look at his tonsils and I knew he had Strep. A visit to the local kid clinic that evening confirmed it. Momtuition. Moms just know. Some ibuprofen, antibiotics, and a special trip to Wal.greens with mom to buy microwave popcorn (and get the rest of the meds) and T was a shiny new man. Fantastico!

2) Meanwhile, MG accomplished this:
That's right, our little lady is sitting!! A quick aside-- from the beginning, T has given her the nickname "Sitty" (don't ask; I have no idea how this name came to be!), but now our "Sitty" is sitting. So cute!! We couldn't be more excited about it (this picture kills me):
3) I did 7 loads of laundry yesterday!! woo hoo!!! And I changed the boys' sheets on their bunk beds. I do this every 2 weeks, but had been putting it off this week. You should come over sometime and watch the process--it is an accomplishment every time.

4) I checked this little write-up off my list this morning. You might enjoy a quick read.

5) GG and I are gearing up for an awesome weekend as Catholic Engaged Encounter presenters in Virginia Beach! Our talks are in order, we've practiced a bit, and we head out this evening with MG in tow. The boys are looking forward to a wonderful weekend with Mimi and Papa (thank you!!) I hope to report great things from the weekend on Monday.

God bless for a great one,

Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Joke of the Day

What do you do when attacked by a pack of clowns?
Go for the juggler.
-ht to Prairie Home Companion, NPR

Every time I think of this one, I chuckle to myself. I heard it on the radio on Sunday and couldn't stop laughing about it. Cute, clean, and funny. Love it.

We need a few laughs today--it is rainy outside and T is down for the count with a tummy that "hurts". Oh Lord. What do you do when attacked by a pack of Gasperinis? Go for the tummy. It's definitely our weak spot lately. I can recall one or two stomach bugs that hit our family over a span of years growing up. These days, we go through one or two a season. Go for the tummy. That's how you'll get a Gasperini!

So we're cozying down. My breadmaker is churning up some pizza dough for lunchtime pizzas, requested by J. Little MG is down for her morning nap. I am still in my pjs. The rain continues outside, providing a suitable backdrop to our sedentary morning. Time marches on and so do we.

Today I feel called to give great thanks for life in all circumstances. We are living, we are under the weather, but well. Life is good. Thanks be to God.

God bless you and yours today,

Friday, January 21, 2011

Sweet Pea

Are we really here already?
Are we really gnawing on the fruit feeder? And enjoying our new found freedom?
Yes, we are. Indeed we are.
Yesterday was our first try with the infamous mesh feeder and MG seemed to enjoy the pear mush immensely. She's also been using a sippy of water during lunch and is doing great with it! Amazing how fast these stages are going. I really feel like they're flying!

We are also enjoying a more predictable 2-nap schedule lately and *boy* has this change been welcomed. MG naps from 8:30-10am and then from 1:30-4pm. Fantastic. In between she's been eating fruit and cereal for lunch and at night, veggies and cereal. So far we're through peas, beans, butternut squash, carrots, and sweet potatoes. We've just ventured into the fruit territory, conquering apples and pears so far. She seems to like most of it, aside from peas. A chip of her mama's block. I cannot think of a food I dislike more than peas. Yuck! That's my girl! ;)

We do think MG might have a slight rice allergy. So unusual! Especially seeing as rice is so mild on the digestive system. After two weeks of rice cereal, though, she was developing a red bumpy rash under her eyes. We switched to a whole grain cereal and after a few days, the rash was much better. Two weeks later I ran out of the whole grain and decided to try rice again and MG woke up with the rash again the next morning. Poor thing. No Chinese food in your immediate future, sweet thing! :)

She is also talking, cooing, and beginning to babble a bit. She's still sitting-challenged, but is working on it and can now sit for a few minutes before falling over. I need to break out the Boppy again--I forgot what an ongoing, useful tool that is!!

Happy 7 months (on Monday) to our little lady!
Happy TGIF to you,

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

A Hot Cup of Tea

It is mid-morning on a Wednesday and I sit here with a piping hot cup of Green tea. It is my new thing. Tea. Never thought I would "go there" to the other hot morning beverage, aside from my occasional coffee. But here I am and I'm loving it. A friend recommended green tea because of its light caffeine for just the pick-me-up in the morning. Excellent. Every time I drink it, I'm transported back to my favorite Chinese food restaurant in Toledo, Jing Chuan. They served hot tea with the meals and we would drink it as kids, doused with packets of sugar. It was delicious.

We spent many a birthday, report card, graduation celebratory meal there at JC. I can remember a time when my dad and I went there when my sister and my mom were in Australia. My dad accidentally ate a hot red pepper and couldn't speak for half the meal. (I laugh while I type, but it was really painful to watch. Poor guy!) Jing Chuan was the best. Even when we found out their kitchens were some of the worst reviewed in all of the restaurants in the area, we still went there. We didn't care. The food was too good. Their almond chicken could cure cancer. Seriously good stuff.

But back to the tea. Yes, I have been drinking green tea and enjoying it. This morning it helped drown out the sad notes of our little MG. She carried on and on while attempting her morning nap (very unusual)--I was in several times to quiet and quell, change a diaper, hold her to soothe. After getting her settled for the last time, I laid her in bed and she revved up the cries. Poor thing. Thankfully, a few minutes of tears and she passed out. She was so zonked and ready to sleep. Now it's off to dreamland for my little lady.

Who's left? J and I are having a peaceful morning. He logged his Mickey Mouse quota while I did a little workout via TV. I am off to fetch him for a good snuggle, some football, and then its off to the races to see how much we can get accomplished before the big boys return. J is the perfect little companion and is always up for an adventure. I love my littlest man.

Cheers to you from foggy VA.
Have a blessed day,

Saturday, January 15, 2011


M: First you have to kiss when you get married. That's the hardest part.


Friday, January 14, 2011

Hello Friday

And hello friends.

Good morning to you.
I have just a minute or so to be with you, so I thought I'd share quickly of a few of my recent loves that I'm pretty excited about...

1) Steel cut oats
This has been making an appearance on our breakfast table lately and *boy* are they good! I mix them with my homemade granola and milk and am in heaven. I also love their health benefits!

2) Exercise On-Demand
Since we recently got Verizon FIOS, I can find tons of workout videos through On-Demand and I'm loving it. My personal faves at the moment are "Boot Camp" and Jillians "Shredded in 30 days". No shredding yet, but still enjoyment.

3) New shoes!
I took some birthday money yesterday and bought these pups for my soles. There's nothing like a new pair of shoes to put a spring in one's step.

Thank the Gracious Lord it's Friday!
Hope you're lovin' life,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

32 Years Young

The past few days have been jam-packed with so many uber-wonderful things, I just didn't have time to tell you about all of them!

A dinner with friends, special house guests (my incredible parents!), a date last night with GG (our first alone since the baby came in June!--so good!), and now today a special birthday fit for a queen. Queen B-mama! My entourage gave me quite the celebration tonight. I'm still grinning from all the fanfare and little people antics.

They. were. precious.
GG pulled out all the stops with a themed birthday gifting--"The Spice Girls". My gifts ranged from Sporty Spice, a gift card to buy new workout gear (very necessary!); to Ginger Spice, a Star.bucks gift card; to Scary Spice, the Eclipse DVD (lol); to Baby Spice, an iPad cover (from back in June--my iPad was a baby #4 "push" present); to finally Posh Spice, a gift card to Loft. Super cute!! Each boy delivered me gifts one by one, while dancing to "Wannabe" by the Spice Girls. It was beyond awesome!!! I was so impressed with my men!

Then the boys founds sunglasses and kept dancing and performing for us. It was hysterical! We laughed and laughed for a good half hour, watching them wiggle. GREAT times.

Without a doubt, I am 32 years BLESSED!!
Thank you to all my beloveds!! Thanks to my Facebook peeps for the heartwarming b-day wishes. Thank you, dear Lord, for every breath I get to spend with all these wonderful people.

Happy January 9th to you!!

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

I'm sold

Call me crazy, but I love miniature things.
Like this little mini bottle of ketchup...
Most definitely this mini little person...
And add to the list these little fellas, who made the list for top 10 miniature animals.
Aren't they adorable? I just about fell out of my seat from their cuteness.

So that got me thinking--why do we love miniature things so? Papa and I pondered this question the other night. I guess people just love to see mini versions of real things. There's something innocent and non-threatening about them. Though this logic can't really explain my personal fawning over miniature bottles of ketchup--weird. Add me to the list of mini-lovers, with my mini ketchup, pigs, and babies (named MG).

Perhaps we should consider micro-pigs as a future G-ville pet?! haha
I can see GG's eyes rolling. Don't know if I could ever pull that one over on him!
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