Sunday, July 29, 2012

Taekwondo Men

It was such a treat to watch our little taekwondo men in action two weeks ago...  They performed brilliantly and knew their steps and questions--all leading to their new belts!  T acquired yellow (belt #2) and M earned orange (belt #3).  We love watching them do their punches and kicks, saying, "Yes, sir!" with enthusiasm, respect, and confidence.  Taekwondo is a great discipline and teaches them focus and self-control.  We were also surprised to see it is an Olympic sport!  The G-Ville community will be tuning in to watch, no doubt!

T will be continuing lessons for the next session, while M has decided to take a session break and will start back up in the fall.  This is perfect because it will allow T to catch up to the orange belt and then both boys will be at the same level and practice time (good for mama!)  The blessing of all of this is that  the lessons happen twice a week over at our local Y, which is less than a mile away.  Most of the time, I bring the whole crew and the younger ones get to play on the playground while their brothers practice.  Lately, though, with the afternoon heat in full effect, we will sit in the lobby with books, cars, and occasionally the iPad. ;)  I am not perfect and don't profess to be--the iPad offers a nice break for me when I'm spent (i.e. at the end of pregnancy!) and at my wits end.  But I will say, we don't resort to it often.  ;)

Actually with M in tow lately, practice time has given him the chance to do some daily reading.  Last week he was so engrossed in a book, he went nose-in-book to pick up T, walk out to the car, and drive home and beyond.  He is beginning to digest books at an alarming rate--and whenever I see him reading, it just tickles my mommy bones.  I LOVE it!!!!  Having the ability to read is such a gift and I'm thrilled he seems to be enjoying it...

As for the remainder of our summer, we're looking ahead to a whole lot of home time...  The boys have been busy with sports camp, a trip to FL with Gramz and Pappy, swim lessons, VBS... and now, thanks be to God, some much-needed home time.  It is a blessing to be here together getting along (mostly), playing legos and piano, reading, riding bikes, watching the Olympics, and loving on our sweet angel girls.  It is also timely because Baby G has hit the ~3mos. mark when she is unable to stay asleep on outings.  This is a time I normally dread with babies because it keeps me at home and away from my beloved gym due to naps...  BUT at this point in the summer, the boys want to be home anyway and I've just ordered some videos that will help me keep my workout sanity.  Or shall I say INSANITY?!  ha! :)  It is a new series of videos (similar to P90x) that a friend has been doing with great results.  I ordered them for a steal off eBay the other day and can't wait for them to arrive.  Need to get strong over here in G-Ville!!  I'll have to let you know know how it goes.

Love to you all on a Sunday.  
God bless, 

Friday, July 27, 2012

G's Baptism

We had such a joyous last weekend welcoming our sweet baby G into the Catholic Church!  She was an angel baby (as she always is!) and didn't make a peep the entire time.  Toward the end of the ceremony, she fell asleep in my arms and slept peacefully through until arriving at her little baptismal shindig back at Mimi and Papa's house.  Her siblings were so excited to watch her in the spotlight and GG and I felt so blessed to be her parents.

As we were walking with her up the aisle, I told GG I felt as if it was her wedding day.  How beautiful are the sacraments...  I grow more in love with them every day.  Baby G wore the same gown as her sister--a beautiful smocked dress with crosses at the top.  Mimi also added a miraculous medal to the upper left lapel.  I adore this dress.  It's actually back at the cleaner before we store it since G drooled on it so much!!

We were so blessed to have G's godparents from over at Under the Fig Tree come out from Vegas to be here for the baptism.  They were married last October and have been settling into Nevada since then...  J and I were roommates at Princeton and the year after when we were both teaching in NJ.  What a treat it was for GG and I commune with them from Saturday evening on.  Catholic fellowship at its best.  It's amazing what God can teach us through one another and our mutual experiences.

Mimi's spread--enough to feed a small army!

Welcome G babe!  We love you, sweet girl!

Thursday, July 19, 2012

Heard from the Kitchen...

"I do not serve breakfast to children without pants."  -B-mama to J


Many, many good things going on around here lately!  I will update soon with pics.  Namely our little G is SLEEPING and doing so relatively consistently.  Alleluia!

More soon!  Have a blessed day!

Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Life Around Town

Baby G rolled from tummy to back this afternoon.  T and I were practicing piano and I laid G down on the carpet for a little tummy time.  Soon we looked back and there was G on her back!  Bravo!

Mama is dairy AND gluten-free as of this weekend and guess what?  Baby G had a bright, bright yellow diaper this afternoon!!  I never knew I could be so elated about baby poo. ;)

M conquered 25 yards doing freestyle at the pool.  He tried again and again and was SO very determined... and it paid off!  Way to go!  The boys are all finishing swim lessons tomorrow and have made great progress.  Who knew the Y lessons would be such a good idea for our family?!

T has a wiggly tooth (so much sooner than his older brother!)  J is now dressing himself with ease--hooray!

MG is saying the cutest things lately and I love the way she pronounces the last part of words she's trying to say.  "Sta" for pasta, "Vieve" for Baby G, "'is way" for "this way"...  I could go on and on.  The cutest one of late, when pointing to a baby elephant--"baby phant".  Adorable!!

GG is off for the week, transitioning to life as an in-house attorney.  Woo hoo!

And drumroll on the last one...
Baby G slept from 9:30 to 6am last night!  Mama got over 6 hours of sleep.  Hallelujah!

Enjoy some shots we took with visiting friends today during a home rocket launch--too fun!  Johnsons, we love you.  Come back soon!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Monday Blessings

An early morning snuggly time feeding baby G...
followed by a baby who is now putting herself to sleep without a problem.
A sweaty run in early morning heat--getting my groove back!
A hubby who's home for the morning and getting his workout on too.
Swim lessons for the boys.
Well visits at the doc for the girls.
The prospect of fourth of July and a trip to Ohio at week's end for baby G and me.

Monday's off to a blessed start, thank you Lord!

*followed by the not-so-great news: baby G is still showing blood in her stool.  Mama's now cutting out dairy AND soy for good.  Do you realize how many things have soy?  Yikes!  I ate a whole avocado this afternoon because I was so hungry!  We will get through this!!  The good news is that she's still gaining weight despite the sensitivity, so I can continue to nurse her for the time being.  We head back in one month and *hope* to see an improvement.
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