Saturday, May 11, 2013

Numero Once

Eleven years (plus 3 dating) and we still (really) like each other.  :)  God is good!
It has been an amazing whirlwind eleven years married to my beloved, GG.  I feel so blessed I am making this journey of life together with him.  We celebrated Friday night with dinner at a new'ish restaurant we've been wanting to try and it was delicious!  What a special time with my wonderful hub--we ate ourselves silly, capping the night with a tiramisu sundae.  Afterward, we drove to a nearby mall and strolled off our dinner.  We ended up getting snagged by a shoe store (love!) and each walked away with a pair of sandals.  You need to understand, such a spontaneous shopping trip never happens in G-Ville, so it was nice to treat one another and feel good about our feet.  Ha!  I really am happy when my feet are happy.  More so, I am happy when I know we are providing well for the needs of our family, feet included. ;)

We finished the anniversary with our second-to-last soccer Saturday.  Here are a few shots of the older boys...  (I'll get J next week!)

T and his newest love, the Rubik's Cube, purchased with his own money.  Guess who learned how to solve it?  Moi! (albeit staying up until 1am to do so! :)  Now I'm working on getting faster.
This little angel stayed perched in her seat, watching all the fun.  Big news: Mama weaned her yesterday :( :) (bittersweet)

M played well and got the team's only goal in a 3-1 loss.
T hustled nicely, red cheeks and all, and logged a couple goals too!

11 years and counting...
So blessed to live each day.

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