Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Noah's Light

I have so much more to say and tell you about, but for now I ask for prayers for this family and this one as they mourn the loss of their son, brother, nephew, cousin, and sweet boy, Noah.  He was born into heaven today to play with the angels, build Legos to his heart's content, and be cancer-free and healthy for eternity.  

In Christ,

Friday, May 18, 2012

Swimming, not sinking

Boy is life full these days and what a blessing that is...
We are getting along swimmingly over here.  I admit, at times it does feel like the water is beginning to rise and begin to take over.  But then there is a lifeline--like my parents this past week--who swoop in and make everything better.  Overall, I would describe the past two weeks as full of peace and grace, which is such a blessing.  I recognize what a good thing that is amidst potential chaos.

The kids are doing really well and thanks to GG being home and my parents being here, their little love tanks are remaining full even with a new sibling around.  And can I say how much I'm enjoying my little GGG?  After her first few nights at home with neither of us getting much sleep, I figured out that my sweet angel didn't do very well with Mexican food.  Imagine that? :)  One bland day of eating later and voila, happy baby.  Hallelujah! :)

Since then we've been riding high with a 10-year anniversary for GG and I last Friday (complete with dinner out and the baby miraculously taking her first bottle from M and T--woo hoo!!).  I also enjoyed a wonderful Mother's Day last Sunday (how blessed we were to have both of our mothers here!), including the baby's first trip to Mass.  It was so special being there as our new family-of-seven.
I will post baby pics of T soon to show you HOW MUCH little GGG looks like T!

Sweet sisters
Add onto that a rip-roaring 67th birthday celebration for my dad on Tuesday.  The boys dressed up as his present and handed over a print-out of his gift--a golf cart cover for their golf cart down in Florida!  We had a "covered" motif going.  Happy day, Pappy!  He was thrilled at one point to learn he was, in fact, turning 67 rather than 68.  To see his look of realization and subsequent jubilation was priceless!  So glad to have you around for another year, dear Dad. :)

Wednesday we had a kindergarten preview for our T-man.  He is so excited to attend school next year and acted like he ran the place when we were at orientation.  GG and I felt like we were holding him back, for sure.  Should be a great fit for our 2nd little man!
Ignore the pasty white mama legs!  
Thank goodness T is still young enough and we don't embarrass him yet!  lol

The last big event to report was M's Field Day today.  He fought hard and had a great time.  The yellow team was triumphant in tug-of-war and a few relays.  That was many thanks to Coach Pappy, who got very excited and coached the kids from the sidelines.  Anyone who knows me can now say I come by it totally honestly. :)

And lastly, we are just over the moon about this sweet girl...  And what a sweetie girl she is.  She doesn't cry unless her diaper is being changed.  She doesn't even cry when she wakes to eat--just grunts and tries to eat her hands.  So precious.  One noteworthy piece is that she seems to love to sleep on her tummy, so I've been indulging her during naps but only when I am able to have eyes on her the whole time.  Otherwise, we're working it out on her back at night.  She gave me a few 4 and 5-hour stretches at night in the last week, but now we're at the 2-week growth spurt and she's eating more regularly.  This, too, shall pass.  If this is our lowest point, we are going to be just fine.  Thank you for your prayers.

All our love to you and yours for a wonderful weekend!
God bless,

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

Sister Lovin'

I think it's safe to say Baby G has a lot of fans here in our household...

 Had I caught this shot seconds sooner, you would have seen the adorable sister sweetness shared many times over!  MG is taking to G wonderfully! Thanks be to God!!

 Brother man-handling

 This shot totally melts me.

This one too... :)

We are doing aok through some very sleepless nights dealing with a little lady who has been clearly uncomfortable during the nighttime hours.  I've tweaked a few things in my diet today and we're seeing if they have a positive effect.  Nothing we can't work through, even if we're a little bleary-eyed and achy in the process.  Overall, we're feeling such gratitude for our newest little love and all the wonderful support in our surrounding community.  You all know who you are--you are the best encouragement a family could have.  Thank you!

With joy,

Saturday, May 5, 2012


Well, despite all the distractions yesterday, our little Genevieve couldn't wait to join our crew. I was in labor denial all day (of course those contractions couldn't possibly be the real deal, especially with so much going on?!) ;) Nonetheless, by later afternoon, it was apparent our newest little lady was planning to make her grand debut.

 Because of the full moon and record numbers of women heading to the same hospital, my doc had me hightail it in to labor and delivery. Good thing she did because I got one of the last beds before they started diversion (funny enough, I've been diverted the last two labors and we weren't going to have that happen again!!). It was also good to get me in because by the time we were settled and checked at 6pm, we only had two hours until she was born at 8:10pm!!

 Natural labor went so well. My first check showed I was 4-5cm and 80% effaced. My ob was able to do the check--she just happened to be at the office getting caught up on paperwork and was able to come over to see me. What a blessing and I was encouraged to know I was at the start of active labor. I immediately found a Bradley running position on my side and stayed put because I was so comfortable. It allowed me to breathe through the contractions while GG rubbed my back. We offered the pain for various prayer intentions and I found myself visualizing a mountaintop with a valley lying in the distance. I could see the valley beyond and work to get there. Pretty cool. For the most part, the contractions really were tolerable and I even found myself saying a few times in my head--"that's all you've got, that's nothing!" lol. Thankfully, the contraction were also spaced nicely, lasting a minute and 5 minutes apart, so I had a lot of recovery time between them.

Working through a contraction
 My water broke around 7:15pm which was a first for me--I usually break close to pushing, so I knew the end was close, but it's always unnerving because you really don't know how much time you have until the end! I had a few good contractions that were doable, but harder and then the nurse checked me at 7:30 to find that I was 7cm. I admit, I was a little disappointed. I hoped I was already transitioning and this told me I still had a little ways to go. Fortunately, though, as soon as the nurse left the room and the next contraction came, I was in dire pain and starting calling to Geoff that I needed to push. Geoff frantically paged the nurses while I suffered in the background. The nurse said that she heard me and grabbed the nearest doctor and they went running.

 By the time they got there, my contraction was over, but I was having a hard time not pushing. They rolled me to my side and the doc said to me, "Hey, look here, we're not going to do this crazily. We're going to be nice and controlled so you don't tear.". She was awesome and I needed this... I started pushing and heard Geoff say, "Honey, she's right here" and a minute later, out was G's head. A minute or so more and out she came altogether. The nurse looked at me and said, "so when are you going to start teaching the classes?" I felt so flattered--I had my sweet girl and we did it with flair! Way to go team G :)!

 Baby Genevieve is so sweet and reminds me so much of our T. She was extremely alert after delivery and nursed well right away. My doc arrived about 5 minutes too late, which was just fine. Geoff actually heard them saying right before pushing that the doc was on her way (almost as if we'd want to wait). Knowing how things go so fast, he quickly and urgently replied--"we don't care!!!". Thank goodness he's on my side! :)

 The doc stayed for quite awhile and even donned a suit to do a couple superficial stitches... Then it was time to sit back and enjoy our baby, call family and friends, and revel in the goodness of our blessings. The older boys were still up when we called to talk to G's parents. They were so cute and excited to hear about their new baby sister. We made plans to have them come in and meet her the following day... 

So, dear friends, that is our chronicling of May 4, 2012, a super day in the life of G-Ville. Welcome to our Genevieve Grace, born at 8:10pm and weighing 7lbs. 14oz., 20 inches!! The first sibling gathering was this morning--it was sweet and everyone took to each other very well. MG was a little nervous in the hospital environment, but seemed to like the baby. Let's hope it's the start of something beautiful between sisters. Thank you for your prayers and goodness to us. We feel so blessed. More to come...  :) B

Friday, May 4, 2012


One thing that's nice about having four little souls, a busy husband, and a large dog for whom to care is that a mama can get easily distracted.  Especially when she's waiting for something... a big something. ;) (Hmm, what could that be???!)

T at Bike Day 2012
For the past two days, we've been dealing with an MG stomach bug.  Ugh!  I literally jinxed us the other day, saying to myself, "I can't believe we made it through a whole year with no one getting the stomach flu." It is rare that we escape these types of illnesses and I was incredulous we had actually done it.  No sooner had the thoughts exited my feeble brain, but our little lady awoke with sickness and sadness.  Yesterday was a pathetic day for her, but as of this morning she is chipper and happy and much more like her normal self.

To help provide further distraction, we had a sick J enter our room at 4:30am this morning.  My sleep-groggy brain was so confused as to why his pull-up had leaked on his shoulder.  Gross!  That wasn't urine, but vomit.  Lovely.  We cleaned him up and the little man crawled into bed with us (thank goodness for our king-size) and proceeded to get sick again a little while later.  Props to GG for sitting up quick enough to catch it.  TMI, I know, but I have to give my speedy man credit where it's due.  lol.  We are going to lay low this morning and hope (hope, hope) the rest of the family stays healthy!

Additional distractions include GG's continual pounding at work.  Remember how I said he was finished with his big project just in time for the baby?  Well, I didn't realize there are several projects on the table now and only one is letting up.  Praise God for a helpful Mimi and Papa, 39-week energy, and fortitude for all of us from the Man Upstairs.  He is sustaining us, no doubt.  GG had 2 hours of sleep Tuesday night and 3 on Wed., worked all the remaining hours in each day and then returned at 11pm last night to spend time with me, sleep 6 (interrupted by sick J) and then arise this morning to deftly help make our morning routine fun for the boys.  They were knights wielding orange juice swords to help fight off the viruses in our home.  lol.  He is so creative and the best daddy.  We are all so blessed.
 J's Bike Day 2012
In the midst of all of this, I am proud to write of one last wonderful distraction--our T man conquered two wheels last night!  He was so determined to remove his training wheels, especially after Bike Day, I just had to let him try even though Daddy had to miss it.  We first started with him coasting and balancing and then let him take off with pedaling.  So far, so good.  He did great and had a few long bouts of riding.  "Can I try again tonight?!" he asked this morning.  "Of course," I replied, "as long as Mommy's not in labor."

Funny how that seems to be the backdrop to everything going on lately.  And a backdrop it will remain... ;)

God bless on a Friday,

Thursday, May 3, 2012

39-week doc appt

I had the privilege of seeing the doc this morning...

I was curious to see where we were because I had some good, regular contractions for a few hours last night.  Usually those progress into the real deal when we've had labor in the past...  I called GG (still at the office) at 12:30am to inform him that they were coming pretty regularly.  I was pretty sure it was false labor because I usually see other signs ahead of time, but you never know with these babies!!  I headed to bed and awoke this morning to nothing.  No big deal--my body will let me know when its time. :)  Part of me wants this babe to hold off so GG can get some rest beforehand.  He completed the last big obstacle for his project, so should be smooth sailing from here on out.  Whew!

Thankfully, the contractions were definitely doing something...
At my appt today:
BP: 124/80
Dilation: 2-3cm
Effacement: 50%
Weight gain: +1
Station: -1 (she said baby is very low and it should feel like I have a bowling ball between my legs--lol!)

She was *very* aggressive in her check, so we'll see what comes of this!  So far, so nothing, but I'll keep you posted.  Thanks for tracking with us! :)
God bless,

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

39 weeks, 1 day down

Prego and formerly-prego mothers know what I mean when I say that some prego days crawl by and then others pass without much of a care.  I would say this pregnancy has been wrought with crawling days...  I just want to get there, for crying out loud!

We know what to expect when we're expecting.  We know what to expect when the wee babe arrives.  We know of the trials and tribulations and absolute joys to come.

Which is why we just want to get 'er done, you know?!

At the same time, I will admit that I'm really nervous about natural labor this time around.  It's gonna hurt like the dickens and just like with an upcoming road race, I fear the pain.  I also fear the unknown and wonder how the delivery will play out.  It is painstaking to get there and will be painstaking to get through...  Alas, we just have to get there and once again, get 'er done.  Which brings me back to the days crawling by.

Overall, I feel so blessed to feel this good at 39 weeks.  I can do anything for a week, right?!  It's just I hadn't gotten much rest the night before last and yesterday crawled.  I began to sink into the quagmire of dismal, end-of-pregnancy thoughts and pity parties.  I'm really good at those.

But today, today is a new day, and I'm really trying to rally.  I had a much better night's sleep last night after communing with some church girlfriends.  It was a heartwarming time.  And this morning has been a peaceful one, thanks be to God.  I'm feeling good.  I can do this.

 It's especially easy to make it when the kids have been real gems lately.  The other day after a grocery trip to, T offered to carry groceries in from the car, "Mommy, I want to carry the heaviest box so you don't have to."  So sweet.  Do you know that boy proceeded to carry every one of the items in?  He's a total gem and my total champ helper.  In fact, all the boys have been pitching in and taking special care of their little sister too.  After a post-Mass brunch at Pan.era last Sunday, M and J each held a hand to her back and guided her out of the restaurant.  It was the cutest to watch.  Yesterday M commented to me, "MG is so cute and now we get to have another little sister to care for."  Kill me now!  Anyone who doesn't think more siblings bless a family, come on over and we'll prove to you otherwise!  It is a joy watching them love each other.

Finally, I have to share about this little lady and how much she loves a new toy Baby G received at the shower.  I caved and let her open it--why not start the celebrating now?  You squeeze the foot and the toy plays music and she dances.  Our little lady sure loves to dance...  I have the cutest video of her and T dancing, but Blogger is rejecting it.  Sorry!!  Just imagine adorable cuteness and you're there! ;)

So here we are today at 39 weeks 2 days and are doing great...  We have "Bike Day" at T's school later this morning, which will involve a lengthy walk there and back for exercise.  I have my last honors chem. tutoring session tonight.  Then tomorrow I have my appt., our cleaners come (thanks be to God!), and Mimi has graciously offered to take the boys to tae kwon do practice.  Friday brings soccer for M (Mimi is also stepping in again bc the weather report is for 90's and we'd be outside the whole time-- I just can't bring myself to do it!)  Saturday morning are soccer games and Sat. afternoon we have M's spring piano recital.  A Derby party later that afternoon should secure the weekend events and then we're home free until my due date on the 8th! :)  Let's hope labor follows soon after...

I will check in tomorrow after my doc appt with an update. 
God bless,
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