Thursday, August 15, 2013

Birthday Bonanza!

We've been partying it up over here in G-Ville...

Having fun with friends and celebrating two very special August birthday boys. 
There has been splashing and dashing and water balloon mashing...

There has been swimming and volleyball swatting and lots and lots of smiling...

Three cheers and two "happy birthday"shouts to our J boy and T man, our August birthday loves.  We celebrate you along with your friends and family.  

God bless,

Tuesday, August 6, 2013

From the newest 5yo

"Why does M have to help MG in the wedding?  I want him to throw rings with T and me."                      -ring bearer, J

lol!  I just had to share this funny from our morning playtime. Our J turned 5 yesterday and even though he seems to be growing like a weed and hanging with the big boys all the time, he's still my precious wee babe who thinks ring bearers throw rings in weddings. ;)  We have a very special wedding coming up in just over a month and we're all so excited!  GG's bro, C, is marrying a wonderful woman and I'm so excited to have her as my sister-in-law!  MG will be the flower girl and will be escorted down the aisle by her biggest bro, M.  T and J will be ring bearers.  Baby V will happily look on in a dress that matches her sister's.  It promises to be among the loveliest of family affairs.

I have tons of pics from our weekend birthday party festivities and more from the official celebration yesterday.  Check back soon for a birthday post!

God bless,
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