Monday, September 28, 2009

Celeb GG

It's no secret I married a very handsome man in GG... (he's completely embarrassed right now reading this post--sorry honey! :) When I saw him around campus our first year, I was undoubtedly smitten by his looks. Little did I know there would be so much more than what meets the eye--my GG is a gem through and through.

Which is why I'm never taken aback when friends say he resembles someone famous. I agree.
The latest suggestion is that he looks a little like Kurt Warner:
I see where she's coming from--definitely in the eyes, very studly. ;)
Other thoughts have been on Dylan McDermott:
While the blue eyes throw me (GG's are brown), I can definitely see similarities in the chin and mouth and general face shape.

My personal choice for GG's celeb lookalike, though, is Dermot Mulroney, who starred as Julia Robert's best friend in My Best Friend's Wedding. Are they doppelgangers, or what?
This is a more wrinkly version of Dermot, but the eyes, the nose, the smile (even the half-smile) is SO GG! What do you think?

I am blessed to have married such a handsome man, but his heart is truly where his beauty lies!
Have a great Monday! God bless!

From the Peanut Gallery

T: "Daddy, remember when I sneezed on M and then he vomited."

Giggles all around.

Saturday, September 26, 2009

From Oktoberfest...

This report is a week old, but worth noting. We ventured to St. Benedict's annual Oktoberfest last Friday and had a great time. We ate bratwurst, drank a little beer, and enjoyed the oompah band... The most surprising and valuable outcome of the night, though, was that M learned the chicken dance. :) Can you guess what has been appearing again this week at the dinner table, at a friend's birthday party, etc.? Yep, our little chicken.

Once again, video would prove much cuter on this post, but I am bound to still shots. You'll just have to imagine two adorable hands clucking, small wings flapping, a little tush wiggling, followed by boisterous clapping... all with the backdrop of a HUGE smile plastered across his face. That's my boy.

*One additional note to add from Papa: M said to him on Monday night, "Papa, I've been to the Pope's church... and he has a moon bounce." lol Someday we'll get him out to St. Peter's. Until then, St. Benedict's will have to do. :)

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Soccer Continued

Both little brothers found their way to the team blanket.

Papa and T, our future soccer wonder! :)

M had his first real soccer game on Sunday and we were hopeful. He counted down the days throughout the week, dressed early, and exuberantly ran around the field for the pre-game practice. He was fast and furious. And then it was time for the game...

Unfortunately, 10 seconds in he fell down and started crying. His soccer hopes were dashed all in the first minute. We brushed him off and tried to give him a good "'Atta boy. Get out there and have fun.", but he was a bit overwhelmed by it all. He decided to take a break for a little while on the team blanket. A little later the coach encouraged him to get up and come play--and guess who listened? :) We were so proud of him as he ran back onto the field and played the rest of the game. This is HUGE improvement from last year when he would have sat the rest of the time on the sidelines.

While back on the field he was then a little sheepish and ran around near his coach most of the time, but it was a start. Thank goodness he has such a great coach--we are already indebted to Coach Ed!! What a dear man. :)

This also supports a lot of my feelings about schooling up to this point. As some of you know, I've given a good bit of thought to homeschooling, but can't shake the fact that my children seem to respond really well (sometimes even better) to non-family instruction and mentorship. This should be celebrated!! They are people pleasers (surprise, surprise looking at their parents!). And I am always so thrilled to see their desire to perform and impress coaches, teachers, etc. School and sports seem to be the right place for them for right now!

We have another game on Saturday, so I hope to have good fun to report next week. The sky's the limit for our little M!

Monday, September 21, 2009

The Third Child

It's about time we did something for our Baby J rather than expect him to tag along to all our events. He does so willingly and cheerfully from the vantage point of our beat up, giraffe-print umbrella stroller! What a dear baby!

It was about time HE had a little playdate... And so we did. Last Thursday we got together with his little friend, Carter, and his mama, Tracy, for coffee and play time. It was wonderful and we so enjoyed their company. The boys played well alongside one another and Carter may have inspired J to get a move on the walking front. J seemed much more motivated over the weekend... Thanks Tracy and Carter for such a fun time!
Aren't these guys cute? Mistaken for twins?!

Hope to do it again soon, Carter!

Sunday, September 20, 2009

I just can't help posting this.

LOL. Yes, he's asleep.
This is what we found last night when we went to check on the boys. I *wish* I could get the video to upload--it was so funny! :) Mean parents that we are, we sat and laughed at him for awhile, took pics and video, and then brought him up to his pillow! Only our little T...

Thursday, September 17, 2009

School Ties

The yearly door shot of my effervescent school boys.

"Oh gosh, she's got us back against this brick wall again. Try to appear enthusiastic."

T, uncertainly certain that preschool is just "okay."
The great part is around the corner, we're sure of it! On the drive home after the first day, T apologized for evading my questions about school: "I'm sorry I didn't tell you about my day, Mommy." "That's okay, T. You can tell me when you're ready." And that was the end of it. I am slowly gaining bits and pieces... We'll see how things go from here! :)

M with an on-purpose, silly smile. He's four and already humoring my constant motherly snapshots. Isn't that part of my job description? Part of his?

As predicted, M has fallen into step and seems to be back in the flow of school and liking it. His class is MUCH calmer than last year, which is SO GOOD for him. He received a "warm fuzzy" puff ball the first day for being a good listener. Cute! :)

Evidenced from the pictures: We are in the thick of our first week back to preschool! Shouldn't this mean I have more time to blog and muse about my life here in Gasperini-Ville? Not the case. Every. other. activity. and. group. has. also. started. this. week. So why am I up late posting? Because I can't seem to slow down... Too much going on! Stay tuned for our recent swimming lesson update (yes, that started this week too!)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Weekend Catch-up

Saturday was really a super one over here in Gasperini-Ville!
We had M's first SOCCER game (which ended up being just a practice.) Can you guess who's already counting down the days until next Saturday?! He was so excited and ran around so exuberantly the whole time. I think I'm slightly afraid for the other team! He's definitely our speedy, little sports wonder!

Follow that with an afternoon of ND football (sad loss!), playdate with friends William and Syd, and nighttime campout in Mimi and Papa's backyard!! Isn't our Papa the best?! Look at this set up!

S'mores, of course!

While the cat's asleep...

The mice will play!

Love these guys BIG.

And where was I during all of this wonderful fun, you ask?
Cozy and warm in my bed, while my baby slept soundly in the other room.
40% of Gasperini-Ville was well-rested Sunday! :)

Preschool Meet and Greet

Was this a forced photo or what? :) They'll thank me later.
The boys enjoyed meeting their new teachers and fellow students on Friday! Neither of them knows many students in his class, so the sky's the limit on making new friends. Great things to come this year... School starts tomorrow!! M will go four days and T will go three. J and I will be on our own. Thank goodness I have my squishie to keep me company!

Friday, September 11, 2009


While in NYC, we were finally able to visit the site of 9/11...
Though we couldn't see much besides the barriers, it was still important for me to be there.

I can't believe it's been eight years.
God bless America.

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Big Apple Shots

What a weekend GG and I had in The Big Apple for K and B's wedding!
The best part about it was returning Sunday night and having all day on Monday to get caught up on laundry, etc. before heading back into the work week!! The kids had a ball with Mimi and Papa in Crozet and we all convened here Monday morning for coffee and bagels to share of our adventures. We ate up the boys and they seemed to be happy having us home. The weekend did us all well! :)

Our trip recap
Friday 4:15am--we oversleep our alarm at 3:45am because we've packed until 1am! GG thankfully awakens from his beautiful, classical music-filled dream at 4:15. Thankfully, we have little to accomplish and are still on schedule and able to leave by 4:20am. All is well.

6:00am--flight to JFK on Jet Blue. Okay, we are official fans of Jet Blue. GG catches up on ESPN news while B-mama watches infomercials(!) and now thinks there is a miraculous new product to teach her children how to read. lol. We enjoy ourselves.

7:13am--we land and make our way to the airbus and subway. This takes much longer than anticipated bc we have no idea where we are going and neither does anyone else. GG and I soon realize that we are both used to being "alpha" and have to adjust to being a complimentary couple again. Where are the kids when we need them?! :) We eventually make it to the subway and realize we are part of the morning commute and stand most of the hour ride into the city! Crazy!

10am--meet up with our friends, the A family, and enjoy bagels on their beautiful apt. terrace... later on, a run in Central Park with J and baby C; such a gorgeous green space
Friday afternoon: a quick jaunt to the Natural History Museum
B-mama, the former Oceanology teacher, loving the Blue Whale exhibit.

Afterward, we sat on a park bench outside just because we could.
Feeling the effects of the 3 hours of sleep!

That evening: a delicious and authentic Italian meal with the beautiful A's!
They are the best!

Afterward we enjoyed a tour of their apt. building, ending on the roof.
Our friend, J, and his girlfriend, S, met up with us later and we had such a good time communing with these great people.

Saturday brought a fun Italian brunch in the city with Princeton pals.

Followed by a K's lovely evening wedding at a church on Park
and then the reception down at the Fulton Market on the southeast side of Manhattan.

Here is baby C at the wedding brunch the next morning--what a sweetie!

And her mommy and me, enjoying the brunch (and weekend) together!

Later that afternoon, GG and I were maneuvering our way to the Brooklyn Bridge and happened to see our friend PJ's campaign posters in a supermarket nearby. How cool that we know someone running for city council in NYC! Go PJ!

We did venture across the bridge to Brooklyn and the rain held out (thank goodness!) After a lovely dinner, we headed back and caught the subway back to JFK. What a brilliant time!

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