Monday, May 31, 2010

Ripe for the Picking

We are back from a lovely weekend in the mountains of Virginia.
Wouldn't you say I look ready? :) 3 weeks to go!

A blessed Memorial Day to you all,

Thursday, May 27, 2010

Preschool Graduation

When a little one sings so beautifully and bravely (front row, right)...
Graduates "with honors" (not really, but maybe someday!) and smiles so proudly with his preschool diploma...
Earns the smiles and approval of his beloved teacher, Mrs. Pruitt...
He most certainly deserves this:
The boys enjoying their new Trackmaster Thomas Water Tower set. Heaven?? Close.

Why is their mama in heaven?? Do you see the carpet on which they are playing? Yes, that's third floor carpet, folks. Installed on a moment's notice today. Halleluia!

Lovin' it,

Wednesday, May 26, 2010

Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Wrapping Up

Various activities are drawing to a close this week in Gasperini-Ville.
Among them are:

*preschool. We have T's end of the year party today, "Family Fun" night tonight, M's party tomorrow, and M's "graduation" on Thursday. Can you detect my coinciding sadness and delight? Is it possible to feel both?! While I can't wait to have the boys home, I'm wondering what my largely prego self is going to do to occupy them!! Looks like we need to start some home-study units pronto!

*every-two-week OB appointments. We move to every week starting this Thursday! I'll keep you posted...

*the monthly budget-- No bare fridges this month!! We are doing well and I'm even able to step foot in Costco today. Such a trip is prohibited until the end of the month when I know I'm not going to blow it! lol.

*PAINTING--can I get a big AMEN on this one? Seriously folks! The trim detailing is going fast and what a gift that is. GG and I plan to wrap up tonight. The carpet may be coming this week, which means we really have to get it done...

I leave you with the pic below. Moral lesson: Don't ever assume the counter is a safe place for groceries. Especially with a 21-month-old around. :)
God bless,

Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Latest and Greatest

...From our little corner of the world!

THURSDAY found us at Kindergarten Preview Day for our big, little M. We toured the school and finished the tour in a kindergarten classroom, where M sat with the children and heard a story. It was so cute and we can't say enough good things about the school! What a beautiful facility... and did I mention we walk there in under 5 minutes?? M is very excited about kindergarten and was even more reassured when seeing some familiar preschool friends at the preview. A few times he's double checked to make sure he's going after the summer (not too soon). We have to let change marinate here in Gasperini-Ville. No doubt he'll be raring to go come September!

Cutest comment of the day from T: "Mommy, is kindergarten as far away as Florida?"
Gasp, the G's with one child! What fun it was to focus on our big little man for the morning! Love the squinty eyes and pink belly--(this will serve as my 35 week shot!)
The big boys at school! I'm already that mom with the camera! lol

SATURDAY brought more fun with one of M's soccer games. GG and I went with our normal crew +2 as we watched two of the neighbor boys. Thankfully we didn't get too many stares as we walked into the soccer venue with 5 boys and a large prego belly! lol M played a great game and had a lot of fun. He even added two more goals to his soccer resume and couldn't have been more determined and enthusiastic. "Mommy, I'm going to play even better next time!" was heard as we left the field.

We even have a couple other fellas who can't wait to get their paws on a soccer ball...
Hope you all enjoyed a brilliant weekend!!
We are off to watch the last episode of LOST... sniff, sniff.
Also, the countdown is on: 4 weeks and counting. Can't wait for our girl!


Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Today's Checklist

*HVAC finish--check! We have third floor heat and air!
*Grocery store runs (2)--check, check!
*Backyard weeding--check!
*3rd floor bath caulking--check!
*Caulking in general--CHECK! (I have blisters from our caulk gun. So glad this is done!)
*Taping for trim paint--check!
*Ordering carpet and tile--check!

*whiny children--check, check, check!
*one exhausted mama who collapsed for an hour nap this afternoon--CHECK!
*one sweet little MG, who hangs with her mama through it all--itty bitty check!

And now, we're off to paint the bathroom and trim...
The electrician comes tomorrow to finish--can't wait to have lights and fans!!
God bless,

Monday, May 17, 2010

Where Have the G's Gone?

To the land of ascending stairs...
Where paint rules king as does brush and roller and tray.
Where trips to the store to buy more and more of these things continue!
Where scaffolding mixes with fun.
Where caulk is like icing and nail filling is a craft one perfects on a daily basis.
And progress is measured only by the day's accomplishments (otherwise we might fold over complete exhaustion and feeling overwhelmed!)
Where WE are.
And we ARE alive.

Are we happy we chose to reject the painters and become DIY'ers, saving the mighty dollar????
The jury's still out on that one!!

No doubt, this guy is amazing:
This pic was taken after last weekend's project--cutting up sod, spreading soil, and laying new stuff to harass the Bermuda grass that was encroaching from the neighbor's yard. We thought he'd be done by lunchtime. At 8:30pm, he was still outside, wrapping up... Poor guy!! Thankfully, Mother Nature has cooperated and sent oodles of cooler weather and rain this past week. I think she, too, felt sorry for the fella. :)

He has turned around and worked like a dog this week with the painting. (As has Papa--thank you!) Then on top of all this, he schemed with a dear college pal of mine to send me away Saturday morning for a weekend in the Virginia countryside as a Mother's Day gift!! We first attended a Morning of Recollection (mass, speaker, prayer service and reconciliation) that was *fantastic* and then headed out for fine dining, pedicures, and great friendship celebrated. What a good man I have!! :)

But don't worry, I didn't miss too much fun while I was gone.
Last night GG and I were back at it--him finishing the ceiling with a final coat; me caulking the trim. Gotta love it.

We are hangin' in... and... just... have... to... get... there.
HVAC comes tomorrow to wrap up.
They are the first of three final "guys" before carpet and tiling.
Have I mentioned we decided to finish the bathroom while we're at it?

We just can't go through this all again. Finito already!!!!
Hope this finds you well.
God bless,

Tuesday, May 11, 2010

For My Sweet

From here... eight years later. I've loved every little minute. Thank you.

Saturday, May 8, 2010

Feeling Loved

GG is lucky this go 'round. Thanks to the boys and their awesome preschool teachers, I am feeling quite loved heading into "Mother's Day Weekend" (as I'm calling it around here--milking it for whatever it's worth!! ha!)

I had my second Mother's Tea yesterday morning and was "wined and dined" by my precious older son. He greeted me at the door and escorted me to my seat. Once seated he asked if I would like tea or lemonade and then dashed off to fulfill my request... What a sweet guy, this one!

M drew a picture of him and I and a water slide with steps. Funny and Cute! According to his questionnaire, mom likes to "talk to her friends and read the newspaper (?)" and my favorite food is pasta. I have taught M "how to swim fast" and I love him because I wash his clothes. lol. His favorite memory is "laughing with mom" and he loves to "play the bees game" together. So sweet!

Little brother enjoyed eating all the treats at the tea. What a lucky guy!

We sat and munched on food for awhile and then finished the morning with 2 songs the kids had prepared for the moms. I loved watching M be so bashful performing in front of everyone. He was full of sheepish smiles, giggles, and cherry red cheeks! Once again, super cute! :)

It is pure joy to see this little man growing and maturing. It seems I learn something new about him every day and usually they are all good things!! He has an extreme desire to please and do what is right. We have been so blessed around the house by his leadership lately (sometimes too blessed as he *loves* to be in charge of his little brothers! lol) No doubt we have a man in the making here and GG and I are so excited about where life is taking him.

Love you, M! I'm so proud to be your mommy!

Friday, May 7, 2010

Boys and Botanicals

No, you're not seeing double.
Just our little J with his buddy, Carter.
Seriously, how cute are these two??

We had such a great time yesterday hanging with him and his mama, due with Carter's baby brother in August! The botanical gardens in our area are breathtaking and offer so much for young kids--everything from a splash park to large sandbox to little huts for small boys to inhabit. Cute!!!

And in the end, there's no question mornings spent with friends are the best kind around!
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