Tuesday, October 8, 2013

A Typical Saturday

Most Saturdays come and go as follows...
With lots of smiles
and awesome Daddy coaches
Lots of soccer determination and good hustle
Sporting red cheeks and supporting each of our soccer stars
Lots of little sister patience and spectating
Plenty of sibling fun on the turf
The baby being the most popular play toy
And best of all, everyone spending quality time together
For me there's truly no more enjoyable way to experience fall than by watching my kids play ball and sprint up and down the field.  M has a great team this year and I've really enjoyed watching him mature as a player and learn his strengths in helping his team; he's also been more positive and encouraging toward his teammates and that always makes a mama happy.  T has been enjoying a third season with coach Daddy.  His team is a bit older and very good for the league since most will age up before the end of the season.  For T it's all in his mind--he can be explosive and a real force if he's motivated.  All a matter of cracking that inner drive.  We'll see what his soccer future holds--perhaps a return to taekwondo?  We shall see.  And J has been continuing to play hard and tough for Team Lasers.  He is probably the best ball handler in the family and very aggressive, which doesn't bode well for his opponents.  He also loves having Coach Daddy on the sidelines.

MG, V, and me, well, we have the pleasure of migrating to all the games and giving our best cheers.  Mama doesn't hold back--I love yelling for my boys!


Wednesday, October 2, 2013

How's It Hangin'?

A family shot from the wedding...

Dear friends.  Dear, dear friends...

How does time pass so easily with nary a post on here?  It is baffling to me until I begin to think through the weeks and the blur and I start to realize that I can't differentiate much from the last month of our lives, we are moving at such a fast pace!  Such is life with 5 kiddos.  When we're not scheduled or running somewhere, we're scheduled here at home and running and playing in this beautiful fall weather.
The sweet flower girl of the untamed hair

The past weeks have ushered in the start of homework... and lots of it, especially for M.  His new hw perch is in the dining room and he chooses whether he'll plop on a chair or our exercise ball to bounce while he works.  He calls it his "brain machine" and after seeing him rattle off a list of 20 spelling words the other day in record time while sitting on the ball, I'll say it stimulates his brain activity!  He even makes zapping sounds with visual effects to the show the ball providing power and knowledge to his brain.  Love that creative one.

We have also ventured into the world of orthodontia with M having to wear a special retainer to correct a cross bite.  Our dentist caught the glitch and we were on it immediately, which was very fortunate because it means less time for him having to wear it.  And thanks be to God, the whole process has been seamless.  I never know how my #1 will respond to situations, but thankfully he's weathered this change-up like a pro.  He wears the retainer 24/7 (even while eating) and only removes it to brush his teeth!  Hearing him talk at first was interesting (and a little worrisome as I imagined what his peers would say), but he adjusted quickly and friends thought it was "cool" when he returned to school.  Excellent.  I can already see the teeth moving, so it's only a matter of time before he's done with it.
GG's Aunt MK, MG, and GG

Soccer season has also been in full swing here and the boys have been enjoying it immensely.  GG is coaching both J and T's team, which gives him plenty to do on Saturday mornings.  We all gather for J's game and then scatter to the other two venues.  All in all, it's been a great start and everyone is falling into good routines.  M has also added Cub Scouts to his list this year and is eager to be involved in the year to come.  GG is nervous about the time commitment, but willing to help in his awesome-super-dad way.  They head to meetings on Monday evenings, T's soccer is Tuesday evening, and M's soccer is Wednesday.
My parents, the uber-extraordinary babysitters, and our clan

Have I mentioned I'm still tutoring?  I am.  I have 6 students so far this year and will probably limit any future additions.  I've never been this busy, this early, so perhaps creating my future tutoring co. business model isn't a bad suggestion??  We'll see.  I'll get to that when I have the time. ;)  That said, I am so grateful to have the chance to work with these students.  They are vibrant and fun.  They stretch my brain and keep me young.  And I can make my schedule to fit my needs.  Perfecto!!
Papa and our dancin' fool, J

The last update I hesitate to write...  M and T have also been continuing on with piano, something we've committed to indefinitely and something I always imagined for our younger ones to eventually enjoy.  We love our teacher--he is the best, most sensitive, talented, caring man, father-of-three.  Because of our great love for him, we were absolutely shocked and devastated to lose him this past week.  He died suddenly of an unknown virus that docs believe he contracted while having a pre-cancerous skin lesion removed a few weeks ago.  Our last lesson with him was Thursday, he had organ failure Saturday, and passed Monday.  By the time I went to bed last night, my eyes were so tired from crying, I could barely keep them open.  Please pray for this wonderful man's family and the repose of his soul.  It is just heartbreaking to think we will never have another lesson with him.  He had such a gift working with children and I can't believe he's gone...

The boys handled the news well.  M was concerned for my emotions and T was quiet and introspective.  I could see the wheels turning in their heads... no more lessons... no more practice.  I explained that from here until we find another teacher, they will be playing in honor of Mr. Jake.  They  will be playing for the love of music and not because they have to get a certain number of minutes in.  We plan to take them to services at the end of the week.  I don't doubt that feelings and thoughts will surface as the weeks pass.  Mr. Jake was a special man and we were so lucky to have 3 wonderful years with him.

On that somber note, I bid you adieu.  I offer peace to you and yours.  Hug the ones you love tightly.  
God bless,
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