Sunday, October 2, 2011

Congrats to J and A!!

GG and I had a lovely weekend getaway to celebrate this friend's absolutely gorgeous wedding. The day was so blessed and the couple couldn't be any cuter or more in love. With many of our beloved Princeton pals in town for the wedding, GG and I were in a wonderful whirlwind of encouragement and laughter. At one point I remarked that "this is what heaven is going to be like" with so many brothers and sisters around us. Alleluia! I know a gathering like this brings a smile to God's Mighty Face!
The bride, J, at our Friday bridesmaid's tea (we were actually all brides' matrons! ha! :)

J getting her veil and almost ready for show time!

A (horribly dark) photo of the happy couple

Building Cathedrals girls

With fellow blogger, Shannon, from A Friend of Gianna

GG and I always forget to have a shot taken of the two of us--finally, here's a keeper!


Carolina Girl said...

What a wonderful weekend and affirmation of married life!

You and GG look wonderful!!

Shannon said...

was just SOOOO good to see you, pretty lady!

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