Tuesday, November 19, 2013


I did it.  1:35:10
Goal accomplished and thank goodness it's over!

The race went just like I imagined, despite the early rain that fell just minutes before the starting gun.  A friend and I managed to find a dry spot in a local hotel, use their potties, and warm up under their carport.  Perfect.  I easily found the 1:35 pace group at the start and worked with them until mile 6.  At that point we entered a midway park that had a lot of rolling hills.  The pace group began to spread out, but I stayed with them, would fall back a little, and then reel them back in again.  We were at mile 8 when we exited the park and I was feeling it.  I am not a very strong hill runner and hadn't been doing much (if any) hill training.  Yikes!  I was also feeling like the pace we were going was one I couldn't maintain.  Then I looked down at my watch--6:47min/mi pace!!  Double yikes!  I was supposed to be running an average of 7:15's and knew I had to slow it down.  I let the pacer go and started running right around 7:15 and much to my relief, I felt an immediate difference and SO much better.  Whew!

At that point I was at mile 10 and felt empowered that I was going to run the race MY way and probably do a better job than the pacer.  That idea gave me spirit and it was a great mile… which I then paid for during mile 11. :)  By mile 12 I knew how close I was to finishing and knew I just needed to hang on as fast as I could.  And by the end, a sloping downhill carried my tired body into the finish.  Awesome!  I knew I was done and my legs were totally shot.  They gave me a fleece blanket and a medal and immediately I saw my sweet family there to greet me--never a sweeter sight!  I had tears in my eyes seeing my babies and so grateful for a successful race, goals accomplished, and a family who supported me so.  Thank you, dear ones!  It was a euphoric high for the rest of the day...
At mile 12.5

12.5--my friend took me by surprise and brought a smile to my face!
My wonderful groupies--best husband ever and 5 charitable children, who came out in the rain to cheer on their mama (even if it was slightly begrudgingly so, I appreciate it!)

My legs were beyond sore on Sunday, but the satisfaction of good race kept the smile on my face!  Now maybe a marathon in the spring??  We shall see.  I need to make sure GG is on board. ;)

Thanks for your support!
God bless,


Donna said...

Wow! That is awesome! I know you feel great!

Geoff said...

My girl rocks!

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