Thursday, November 14, 2013

Pre-race Jitters!

I feel like I'm back to my old cross country days.  I would start getting nervous mid-week and it wouldn't let up until after the invitational on Saturday…  I remember my dad would always offer consolation--"Your nerves help to get you ready to race and get your adrenaline flowing."  Good dad. ;)  I repeat that to myself often!

The reason for the jitters this week?  I am running the Richmond half-marathon on Saturday morning!  This will be my first legitimate race in years.  By "legitimate", I mean the first race for which I've trained and set some real goals for my performance.  Darn goals!  If it weren't for them, I would be coasting right now. ;)  My former PR for the half is 1:39:45.  Saturday I'm planning to keep pace with the 1:35 pace group (7:15min/mi).  I'm going to go out with them and see if I can hang for the 13.  My training has gone pretty well and I've been doing sub 7 tempo work and a few long runs at a 7:30 pace. We'll see…

Of course the kids have been wrestling with a horrible head cold this past week and I've been trying, trying, trying to stay healthy.  I have a bit of a runny nose and sore throat, but am hoping I've staved off the worst of it.  There's no telling how things will go on race day, but I'm hoping to have good news to report!!

Cheers to motherly aspirations!!  You can do it, mamas!!
God bless,


Tracy said...

You will do great! Wish we were still there...that race always went through our 'hood and we always enjoyed cheering everyone on...would love to be there to yell for you too. So when you go down pope ave...just imagine our crew out there yelling go B go!!!

Sylvia said...

Good luck! I'll be rooting for you from across the country!

Unknown said...


You CAN do it!!! We will support you in anyway we can - even if we are back with the kiddies and not on the sidelines cheering you on. So proud of you already!

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