Friday, November 23, 2012

For this blog

Google informed me yesterday that after 4+ years of blogging, I have now exceeded my limit for free picture storage on the site.  Wow!  I can either continue blogging sans photos (BORING!) or pay $2.49/month for the rest of the blog's life to increase the storage and keep it at Google.  If I opt to stay with Google, I'll be paying ~$30/year to maintain a blogspot address.  OR I can transfer and have my own domain/website for ~$8/year.  What would you do?!

It is tempting to switch domains and save $22/year.  I am a frugal franny and what I could do with $22!!! ;)

Yet I know what happened the last time I switched domains--I lost a bunch of readers (even though I thought I gave everyone fair warning--sorry!)  But it's not about popularity.  I started this blog as a way for family and friends to keep tabs on our family.  In the process, I love that it has become a visual archive of the happenings of our little corner of the world.  One day I will spend the gobs of money necessary to print it and turn it into a book.  Perhaps I'll even make copies for each of the kids to have for posterity.

This will be my legacy to them.

Stay tuned as to the future of G-Ville on blogspot.
And in the meantime, thank you, Lord, for this blog.

With love on black Friday (though the color means nothing to us in G-Ville! :),


Karen said...

I hit that point yesterday and my husband told me to just pay the $2.49 a month. He set it up for me but I was still peeved about the expense especially since the grandfathered in storage fee is $5 per year for those who started paying before 4/24/12. After my husband paid for the storage I decided to see if I could use my old Photobucket account. The good news is you can and it's pretty easy to add photos to blogger using it. Also, you can edit your pictures in photo bucket. I think after this month I'll be canceling the photo storage and just using Photobucket. They give you 2GB of space for free. That's like 8 years of blogging photo space for free.

B-Mama said...

Karen, thanks! I'm going to look into using Shutterfly too. If not, I'll check into photobucket! It could get me by in the meantime until I make a decision. God bless!

Karen said...

I'll take a look at Shutterfly, too. I hadn't even considered them as an option outside of photo finishing.

B-Mama said...

Karen, I just looked into it and it seems you can share a slideshow, but not individual photos like with Photobucket. Shutterfly is also heavily promoting their own share sites, which are like blogs but with just photos. Not what I'm looking for. PB was really easy because it gave me the html code and I pasted it right into a blog post. I think I'm going to go with PB--thanks so much for the tip!

Carol said...

Something is fishy here. I also got the message that I exceeded my storage today. I started my blog in 2009. What are the chances we all are suddenly at our max storage limit? Why don't they just be upfront? Anyways, I am so inept regarding technology that I just paid the $2.50. I am a sucker. I think I may also change to my own domain name in the next year or so though if I can figure it out.

B-Mama said...

Carol, you're right, this is fishy! They must be tracking down all the rogue bloggers in an attempt to raise their 2012 profits! ;)

I did a post with Photobucket, but now GG says he can't see the photo on his computer. Hmmm... If that's the case, I may end up paying the $2.50 until I can get things sorted!

Erin said...

AH! I got the same message on Saturday night in the middle of the ND game! Chaos over here! I ponied up the 2.50, not without the same calculations you are doing now. In the end, Cody convinced me that if we had a fire and lost everything in our house it would be worth 2.50/mo, 30.00/yr to know that a record of our memories exists in cyberworld.

WHY did this happen to everyone at the same time? Is it legit? I was going to post on FB to ask if anyone else had answers, but it was in the middle of the USC/ND game and all FB posts were preoccupied with Manti Teo :). Any more ideas about what is going on? Should I not have piad?

Anna said...

Same thing happened to me at the same time. Obviously Google did something to all of us! I did actually make blog books earlier this year, so I'm going to pay for the rest of this year, make a 2012 blog book, then create a new domain. (I used and was happy with the quality, just FYI).