Saturday, February 1, 2014

The G craZies

The last two weeks have been very atypical for us, G's. As for many of you, the weather here has been cold and snowy, throwing our local Virginia town into chaos. We just can't handle snow like the northerners. We're years out of practice and don't invest resources to prepare... 

Alas and yet for us, rather fortunately (remember my wannabe-homeschooling status), I had my babies home for all but two days of school these past two weeks! We had warm, happy times. We cooked and baked (mainly T and MG, who take an interest in that sort of thing). We had friends to play and sledded a few hills one morning. We met our peeps out for lunch a time or two. We even ventured to the gym so mama could get her endorphin fix while the kids played. And don't get me wrong-- the crew definitely enjoyed the days of our lifted  weekday media restriction. iPads and Disney are mama's friends when the weather turns rough... But we tried to fine balance and rhythm.

GG still trudged into work despite our best efforts to distract him and keep him home. A big work deal had him keeping late hours this week, so we were sure to text him some evening craziness just so he wouldn't feel left out. I give you G fam mule rides, courtesy of M, the family pack mule. What started out as carrying brothers quickly turned into sister rides, which were much cuter (and lighter!) Anything for entertainment around here. :)

So come on over, friends, and feel free to join in the fun. Just be careful when you walk in the door, you might step on some children.

God bless,

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FL M said...

I could use a ride, or Mr. Bull could join in the fun!

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