Saturday, December 4, 2010

Just for the record

*Take a half pound of Dunkin' Donuts coffee grounds and scatter all over the kitchen floor.
*Several days later, steal 1/4 C. of M & M's from the upper cupboards (because you've watched and learned how to maneuver kitchen chairs to serve your purpose), consume half and add the rest to the ongoing mess. Proceed to fall asleep on the kitchen counter!
*Wait a day, then follow with 1/4 C. of mom's cup of coffee and drink with ease (because she makes it taste so sweet and creamy!) Exclaim with glee how much you liked it!!

And what do you have?
One very sweet and sneaky 2-year-old.
Oh, dear J, how lucky you are to be so cute.
Mom's gotta step up my game with you, little stinker.


Christy said...

I love how you make me feel normal. Oh, how similar our crazy lives can be! Cooper can now open doors and squeeze himself under the locked gate at the bottom of the stairs. Will my house, my things, my other children ever be safe???

So smart and agile these third children can be!!!

May the force be with us! And patience.

OH M said...

I'm adding to your Christmas list several extra pairs of hands and eyes in the back of your head! Until then J will be well fed at everyone's expense!!

Carolina Girl said...

Oh J! Falling asleep on the counter?? My goodness!

We're Adventing in survival mode this year too B-mama! What good company you are!

Right Said Red said...

He is so cute!

Rachel said...

Oh my! Sounds like my Landon! Tanner had so helpfully gotten out the pancake mix and set it on the counter a few mornings ago before I came downstairs. Landon apparently wasted no time pulling up a chair and dumping the entire box onto the counters and floor. What a fabulous way to start the morning!

Good luck! Isn't it encouraging to know that this is just part of being two years old and will eventually pass. :)

T. Armstrong said...

I could have sworn you were just wrote about Gabe! Never ending...and I always feel like I am one step behind him! :)