Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Advent Week 2

Happy week #2 of Advent to you!

We are off to a brilliant week so far... Amazing what a few days can do, especially having Daddy around all weekend. He was traveling last week, as were Mimi and Papa, which explains why I was hanging on by a thread come Friday. Which explains my last post and why my 2yo was getting into extra trouble.

FYI *the nap-on-the-counter incident occurred when T and J were happily playing on the computer, so I stole away to take a shower. Lesson learned: never trust an idle J, especially around naptime. :) Nothing like a good, humbling lesson to ring true my Advent and make me ever aware of my need for a Savior.

This week started with a fun winter punch--SNOW! You bet the boys were out early, bundled up still in their pajamas. They had a great time and GG and I were so relieved to get some wiggles out before church. Afterward the snow had vanished, so it was a good thing we got our snow fix early!

After church we welcomed Mimi and Papa back from Italy and even got to Skype with our favorite soldier in Vincenza! The boys also set up the train around our tree. You'll see we have our tree up, courtesy of GG and the boys, who went on a mission Saturday. It is a Frasier Fir and smells lovely. While I wish I could say we went to cut it down ourselves (always a dream of mine, Clark W.), this year we had to choose the quickest, most efficient path for our family, which means driving across the street to the grocery store to buy one for 29.99. What a deal! :) Don't doubt, though, that we had the whole family in the van singing "Deck The Halls" at one point this weekend. I really felt like the Grizzwalds and took my role as Beverly D'Angelo very seriously. lol. GG and I had a good laugh.
I leave you with our very own "Leaning Tower of MG", a new trick she's been showing us at dinnertime. She weaves back and forth a few times as if to say "Can I please go to bed now? Can't you tell I'm exhausted?"
Not before a few snuggles from her brothers. What a lucky gal!
God bless you today!


The Fighter Family... said...

B...love the tree and the stockings:-) And love MG's lean1 And...it was SO great to see you all in person over Thanksgiving. The kids are absolutely ADORABLE:-) Wish we could do it more often. Happy December!!

The Ballee Girls said...

Hey it just struck me that if GG's bro needs a pseudo-family to hang out with around the holidays and he can get leave enough to come over to France...let me know!

Christy said...

That's where we got our tree! Cutting down our own tree will be back in our tradition come next year (hopefully). But, for now, you can't beat the price and location! Quickest tree trip EVER!